LED strip panel + controller

Dimmer 1ch 12-24V 96W IP20
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Power supply
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Universal AC input / Full range ( up to 305VAC) Convert DALI signal to PWM signal. 4 DALI addressable output channels. Built-in push dim function. Comply with DALI standards (IEC62386-101, 102, 207) PWM active high or active low selectable by jumper. Linear or logarithm dimming curve selectable (comply with IEC62386-207) Dimming range:1~100% Built-in relay for ON/OFF control of LED power supply Fully isolated plastic case Class II power unit, no FG. IP20 design. Power consumption < 0.5W (Note.1)
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Receiver LTECH F4-3A 5-24V
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Working Frequency 2.4GHz Input voltage DC5V~DC24V Max current load 3A x4CH Max 12A Max output power 60W/144W/288W(5V/12V/24V) Remote Distance 50m (line of sight) Working temperature -30℃~55℃ Dimensions L125×W33×H20mm Package size L127×W35×H22mm Weight (G.W.) 60g
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Receiver LTECH F4-5A 5-24V
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Working Frequency 2.4GHz Input voltage DC5V~DC24V Max current load 5A x4CH Max 20A Max output power 100W/240W/480W(5V/12V/24V) Remote Distance 50m (line of sight) Working temperature -30℃~55℃ Dimensions L175×W44×H30mm Package size L178×W48×H33mm Weight (G.W.) 150g
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Working voltage DC3V(Battery CR2032 ) Working Frequency RF 2.4G Remote Distance 20m(line of sight) Working Temp. -30℃~55℃
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Receiver LTECH LT M3 3x3A 12-24V 108W/216W
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3 x 3A
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Panel LTECH LT V6 4ch black
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Lightening control console LTECH LT-200 SPI
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Working Voltage DC12V (with an adapter to covert AC100~240V to DC12V ) Power consumption <2W Output signal SPI(TTL) 3rd part port DMX512 Change mode 540 modes Control Qty 1024 pixels Input/Output terminal XLR-3, RJ45, Green terminal, combination the terminal of signal and power working temperature -30℃~65℃
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Dimmer LTECH LT-280 SPI Driver (8 Pixels/24CH) 5-24V
Product code: 13875
Input signal SPI (TTL) signal Input power DC5V~DC24V Max load current 3A/CH×24 Max output power 360W/864W/1728W(5V/12V/24V) working temperature -30℃~65℃
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DALI EUCHIPS Master Controller DALI-100
Product code: 13837
5VDC 250mA*1CH DALI Master Controller DALI-100
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LED strip panel + controller LTECH Mini 8 RGBW controller 12-24V 240/480W
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Max Current load 5A ×4CH Max 20A Max Output power 100W/240W/480W(5V/12V/24V) Compatible remote M1/M2/M3/M4//M5/M6/M7/M8 Working Temp. -30℃~55℃ Dimensions L175×W44×H30(mm)
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DALI PSU (power supply) 4W
Product code: 13866
Voltage Suitable for mains voltage Supply Voltage: 120-240Vac Supply Frequency: 50/60Hz Supply Load: 4W maximum Output: DALI Output Current: 40mA Output Voltage Load Off: 18V maximum Dimensions: Power Supply: 120 x 50 x 32mm Glow wire test: According to EN 60598-1 passed. DALI standard: DALIPSU is designed to supply control gear with DALI standard IEC 60929 (DALI VO) and IEC 62386 (DALI V1).
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LED strip panel + controller LTECH SPI-16 + M16 5-24V
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M16 Remote Control Working Frequency 433.92 MHz Remote Distance 40-50m Change mode 16 Dimension L104×W60×H9mm SPI-16 Receiving controller Input voltage DC5V-DC24V Output SPI Working temperature -30℃~55℃ Dimension L135×W30×H20mm Weight (G.W)) 47g compatible driving Dimensions: 13.2x20cm Weight (G.W.):: 120g
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Receiver SR-1009EA 4x8A 12-36V 384- 1152W
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4×8A RF Receiver, Constant Voltage
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Receiver SR-2303S 1x8A DALI juhtimine 12-36V 96-288W
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1 channel 8A DALI Dimming Driver
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Panel LTECH T4 RF 2.4GHz RGBW Touch remote control 5V white
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Input voltage: DC5V (Built-in Lithium battery) Working current: ≤30mA Working frequency: 2.4GHZ transmitting distance: 30m Remote option sync or zone or programming control Gray scale level: 4096×4096×4096 Battery capacity :1000mAh Working temperature: -20℃~55℃ Dimension: 145×W55×H22mm Package Size: 168×W102×H28mm
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