CLX-16 DMX    CLX-16 DMX    CLX-16 DMX
Valaistuksen ohjauspöytä CLX-16 DMX

tuotekoodi: 13253

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syöttöjännite: 230V
takuu: 2 vuotta

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8 channel-faders with LED 8 channels switchable via Latch-buttons Fade Time button for adjusting the step time Master-fader with LED for adjusting the total output level Audio-control with LED for adjusting the music sensitivity Speed-control for adjusting the program-speed Flash-button per channel and master-flash (Full On-button) LED-display of all modes 30 freely programmable programs Dimmer: Manual control of the channels via sliders Full On: all channels can be switched on together Program speed adjustable via speed-fader or Tap Sync-button Sound-control via external signal or integrated microphone Sound to light via RCA socket Foot switch connection via 9-pin Sub-D socket Power supply via included power unit