CP-512 MST Controller 16 bit
Valaistuksen ohjauspöytä CP-512 MST Controller 16 bit

tuotekoodi: 13710

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syöttöjännite: 230V
korkeus: 83mmmm
leveys: 265mmmm
pituus: 483mmmm
takuu: 2 vuotta

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•512 control channels for 16 projectors with up to 32 channels •16-bit resolution for fine Pan/Tilt movements •Projector library with up to 255 entries •64 programs •64 records •64 preset scenes, 64 preset macros •10 selectable languages •Mirror movement direction can be inverted •Copy function for scenes, programs and records •99 chasers definable, one chaser per program •Blackout function •Sound control via built-in microphone or audio input •Security code operation •Operating hour meter •USB port for firmware updates (available in the download section) •Rack installation with 6 U