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A very large selection of trendy LED lights with a 5-year warranty. Prolumen track lights can be counted on, as every detail in the luminaire is with controlled quality. Track lights are well suited for highlighting products at home, office and shops. In addition to the luminaires, we offer the tracks that attaches to the luminaire. PowerGear tracks are famous for high quality and fast delivery from the Netherlands. You can meet our tracks and luminaires at KFC restaurants and MY Sushi eateries. Come and see the luminaires in our showroom.

Why is lighting quality important?

A high-quality lighting solution is an essential part of our everyday lives. It affects both our productivity and comfort. It is important that in spaces where people often relax, work, and perform tasks, the lighting is designed to be gentle on the eyes and covers all necessary areas without distracting obstacles.

Where are track lights intended for?

Track lighting is a great choice for many different indoor spaces - homes, offices, theaters, museums, showrooms, etc. Thanks to the various installation options for track lights, you can design a lighting solution according to your preferences. Additionally, our PROLUMEN track lights have a long lifespan and come with an extended 5-year warranty.

What special track lights can you find in the LED House selection?

In addition to traditional track systems, our selection includes modern magnetic tracks with special luminaires, which are a great choice for those who want to easily adjust the lighting layout without much hassle. Magnetic track lights are practical, stylish, safe (operating at only 48V), and make lighting any room simpler and more convenient.

In addition to magnetic track lights, we also offer traditional track lights to suit every taste. Whether your preference is modern or classic, you'll surely find something in our selection that perfectly complements your home or work environment's interior.

What is a 3-phase track and what is it good for?

Our traditional track lights are compatible with 3-phase track systems. This allows users to have more control over the lights and adjust them independently. For example, by placing three lights on a 3-phase track, each light can be individually adjusted for light temperature, brightness level, and direction.

In addition to our quality track lights, we also offer carefully selected track systems that are durable and suitable for various environments, with temperature ranges from -20°C to +40°C.

Why is color rendering index important?

The color rendering index (CRI) of our track lights starts at CRI90 and some luminaires even have an exceptionally high CRI97. A high CRI means that the natural colors of objects and areas under the light are not distorted, and colors retain their true appearance.

We have selected track lights in various designs, sizes, and features so that everyone can find a suitable option.

For example:

  • The Bakewell and Flamingo series represent compact track light variants.
  • Westminster and Lizard are for those looking for linear and/or flat track lights.
  • Durham and Bristol represent a classic cylindrical design.
  • Firenze highlights every artwork and interior element with adjustable light beams.
  • Verdun is ideal as a standout interior element with its round design and adjustable light direction.
  • The Bolton pendant light is a perfect interior feature due to its distinctive appearance.

What is dimming technology and why is it useful?

Many of our track lights feature TRIAC or DALI dimming technology, allowing you to adjust the brightness according to your needs. For example, this allows you to dim the lights to a comfortable level in a child's room at night without causing discomfort or complete darkness. Dimming technology is also beneficial in theaters, where lights need to be smoothly dimmed to minimal levels before a performance. In meeting rooms and classrooms, dimming capability is useful during presentations to enhance visibility.

What light temperatures are suitable for different spaces?

In addition to various light temperatures ranging from 2700K warm white to 5700K cool white, we have installed Hektor Container hotel lights that illuminate with cool white in the morning to help guests wake up more alertly, and with warm white in the evenings to create a calm atmosphere for bedtime preparation.

When choosing LED track lights for your home, we recommend neutral or cooler light temperatures for areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, reading corners, and living rooms, and warmer light temperatures for bedrooms and children's rooms.

Why is it beneficial to adjust light direction and angle?

One of the positive features of track lights is the ability to adjust the light direction and angle.

This allows you to direct light precisely where it is needed. For highlighting artworks or interior elements, we offer track lights with adjustable ZOOM functions to position the light on objects as effectively as possible. Be sure to check out our projects page for examples of directional track light solutions installed at Alexela Concert Hall!

What role do LED track lights play in energy efficiency?

Using LED technology significantly reduces energy consumption, saving both money and the environment. In addition, LED lights have a long lifespan, ensuring long-term and reliable lighting.

Why choose your lights from the LED House range?

LED House track lights are carefully selected and come with a long warranty. We support our customers in lighting design and installation. On our projects page, you will find many successful lighting solutions we have completed. You can also see positive feedback from our customers there!

In summary of the positive attributes:

  • Wide range of light temperatures. Our selection includes track lights from warm white to cool white, and some models allow you to choose the light temperature.

  • Energy efficiency. LED lights consume very little energy compared to traditional light sources (e.g., incandescent bulbs, halogens). They convert electricity into light more efficiently, which helps reduce energy costs and be more environmentally friendly.

  • Long lifespan. Our lights last much longer than incandescent or compact fluorescent lamps, meaning less frequent replacements.

  • Long warranty period. Most of our lights come with a 5-year warranty.

  • Appearance. Our track lights complement any interior. We have ensured that the selection of lights is diverse and that they can be placed in rooms as design elements or discreet additions that highlight the illuminated area or element.

  • Adjustable light direction. Most of our track lights have adjustable light angles, making room lighting even more customizable. In addition, we offer lights with ZOOM functions, which are an ideal choice for highlighting decorative elements.

  • Wide range of applications. Track lights are suitable for any room, regardless of its purpose. They can be installed in kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, corridors, museums, theaters, shops, television studios, and many other spaces.

Contact our professional sales team and come for a free consultation to ensure the highest quality lighting solution for your space that meets your standards!

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