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When I started my journey in LED lighting sales in an 11-square-meter room, I could never have dreamed that 15 years later, we would be working in a space of 400 square meters with both a warehouse and a sales office. Throughout this time, I have had the privilege of collaborating with diverse individuals, companies, and projects.

Driven by the desire to offer controlled quality to our customers, the LED House brands - Reval Bulb and Prolumen - were born. We use high-quality components in the production of our lights and thoroughly inspect all our products in advance. Thanks to this commitment, we confidently provide a 3-5 year warranty for all our lights.

Each lighting solution is unique to us, and in finding the best solution, we always prioritize our clients' needs. We offer lighting calculations and free consultations to determine the most suitable lighting solution for each project.

It is essential for us to leave as small an environmental footprint as possible. LED lights have a long lifespan and contribute to energy conservation, making them an environmentally conscious choice. All our product packaging is recycled, further contributing to environmental sustainability.

My ultimate goal is to continue exceeding our customers' expectations and providing modern, high-quality lighting solutions.

Founder of LED House,

Martin Vabul

About the company

Our diverse range of products is used in many different fields, including hospitals, hotels, saunas, shopping centers, warehouses, health centers, schools, office buildings, terraces, and private homes. We also offer streetlights and sports field lighting.

While the majority of our customers are electrical and construction companies, our selection of lights and accessories caters to individual customers as well. We provide lighting calculations and offer lighting consultations from ideation to implementation. Every lighting calculation we perform accurately reflects the eventual reality.

LED House LLC is a member of the Estonian Association of Electrical Contractors (EETEL).

LED House LLC is a member of the Estonian E-Commerce Association.

The mission of LED House LLC is to value every customer by offering him the best solution at a reasonable price.

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