Martin Vabul


Martin would fit well as a resident of Inventors' village. He is inspired by an intellectual itch that constantly drives him to generate and test new ideas. Like any entrepreneur, his mind is always contemplating new steps to take for the company and the team. Even when you see him riding his bike, the names of those he should call next are likely running through his head.

Yes, this man doesn't easily take time off; he waits for summer for that. During the peak of natural sunlight, Martin doesn't think about LEDs – it's the greenery that captures his attention and calls him to work in the garden.

Martin believes there are many good leaders in the world. His own strengths lie in curiosity and determination. Martin never gives up – even if something takes a very long time. He doesn't over-calculate before taking action and is willing to try different options to see which solution is the best. And if Martin really likes something, he works towards it, hoping that others will like it just as much.

He is particularly happy and proud of his team, which consists of independent, bold, entrepreneurial, and good learners. Looking at the future, Martin sees himself working with even more inspiring people who find joy in their work and do what they love at LED House.

Timo Kukk


Timo says there's never a dull moment at LED House. While his official title is Operations Manager, his responsibilities are incredibly diverse. Leveraging his technical skills, he supports colleagues, liaises with suppliers to discover new products, and even delves into solar panels.

The technical world has captivated Timo since childhood. Computers, cars, everything related to electricity has always been part of his life. However, he can't picture himself working on development tasks day in and day out. The perfect fit for him is the combination of interacting with people and engaging in technical work with computers. Timo's team appreciates his great sense of humor!

In addition to his love for humor, Timo highly values teamwork. Many significant projects have been successfully completed thanks to excellent collaboration, such as creating the lighting solution for Skypark.

To ensure his free time remains interesting, Timo has been studying the Japanese language for a long time. If he could teleport anywhere right now, he would go to Japan. As if that's not enough, Timo is also a certified pianist. It's this kind of versatility that binds the people at LED House together the most!

Liina Tarve

Liina is one of the long-serving team members at LED House. She started in the role of a customer service representative but currently operates as an office and sales specialist – handling clients and invoices, taking care of office supplies, maintaining a positive atmosphere in the office, and ensuring customer requests are fulfilled in the sales area.

Liina's strengths lie in her cheerfulness, positive attitude, calm demeanor, and honesty. She believes that people should have a good laugh every day. Liina is happy that LED House is filled with nice people characterized by quirks and good humor.

Projects, like implementing lighting solutions for Skypark and Apollo cinemas, where involving as many hands and feet as possible is necessary, are also the ones that put the sparkle to Liina's eyes. Due to the small team and and sometimes limited resources, flexibility and support are required for these kind of projects. In this regard, the unity and caring nature of the LED House team come in handy, balancing the demanding nature of the work. Listening to Liina makes it clear that she radiates a lot of positive energy. that she likes to share.

In her free time, Liina enjoys working on the countryside, spending time with her family, and attending "jump"workouts to let off steam. You can find Liina in the forest or by the seaside, where she can be calmly observant of her surroundings. Therefore, it's probably not surprising that Liina would like to be a black panther – clever and dangerous, but also a beautiful and sexy creature.

Raimo Laosma

Do you have a colleague on your team who has cycled around the world?

We do at LED House! Raimo, on his "slightly longer" bike rides, has ventured to places like Alaska and Africa, but to our delight, he has now circled into our sales team.

You can sense his broad perspective and exposure to various cultures in his excellent people-reading skills and due to his athletic endurance and determination his standars for work are very high. Raimo feels that he is working in an environment, where he can apply his decades of sales experience. Achieving the best possible result is important to him, even in the daily task such as light desing calculation. 

If Raimo could be an animal for a day, he would probably be an octopus, because these creatures are just inherently cool - friendly, active, and bold. Based on this brief description, one might find some similarities with Raimo...

Karel Pärn

Karel is a talented young logistics specialist who works to ensure that LED House's goods reaches its destination safely from point A to point B.

Karel believes that time does its work, and he sees it in the most positive light. Probably because Karel joined the LED House team when CEO Martin was looking for a warehouse assistant, but soon found his way to the office. There, Karel deals with specifying the trajectory of goods and ensuring their secure delivery, communicates with suppliers, and handles other tasks that arise on an ongoing basis.

Karel's strengths lie in determination, straightforwardness, and curiosity. When listening to him, you can also catch hints of his humor skillfully hidden.

If Karel were a pirate, his name would be Jack Sparrow – according to the legendary character, whom Karel considers himself somewhat similar to. However, it's unlikely that he would become a seafaring pirate, as he loves sports and spending time with friends too much – both of which cannot be neglected for long. Especially considering that, according to him, his greatest achievements are still ahead...

Sander Vaher

Sandrer`s job responsibilities include soldering. Soldering is a process used to join different types os metals togehter by melting solder. For example connecting LED strips, checking lights, performing warranty repairs, and sometimes building custom lights.

Sander joined the LED House team after living in Canada. First he started working in the warehouse, and has consistently learned, developed himself, and progressed. He says that in a good work environment, it is crucial that everyone shares similar views on the company culture, and work needs to be done well. For these reasons, he works at LED House.

As his strengths, he highlights good time management, juggling skills, flexibility, and the ability to focus on small details. Only in this way can the result be perfect for the customer!

In his free time, Sander enjoys engaging in various activities. In addition to traveling, he seeks adrenaline from skateboarding, cycling, and snowboarding.

If Sander could teleport anywhere in the world, he wouldn't choose a specific destination, but would prefer to spend each day in a different place. He would make the first stop at the Eiffel Tower, enjoying a fresh croissant there. Life would be even more enjoyable if moving from point A to point B didn't take so long!

Henri Gornischeff

Henri has willpower (and physical strength!) for several men. He is responsible for everything that happens in the back rooms of LED House. This includes receiving and assembling goods, compiling orders, packing, maintaining inventory, and much more.

Henri joined the LED House team through an acquaintance (hello, Sander!). On a daily basis, Henri easily handles the responsibility for the movement of all the LED House products. Specificity and precision are important keywords for him in this role. When describing himself, he is straightforward: "Things need to be done!"

An active lifestyle and taking care of his physical health are important to Henri - in his free time, you can find him playing table tennis with friends or cycling in nature. 

Triin Tüksammel

Like her colleagues, our data management specialist Triin is like a Swiss army knife and fulfills versatile functions at LED House. Her responsibilities include everything you see in the website's e-commerce section: selecting product photos; writing product descriptions; and translating into different languages.

Triin often serves as the gatekeeper of the online store, being one of the first to see new products. She acquired this privilege in the spring of 2024 when she switched from teaching to administrative work at LED House, bringing along her superb skills in organizing, structuring information, and supporting the setting of growing company priorities. These strengths are now complemented by detailed knowledge of LED lighting.

In her free time, Triin, engages in hobby entrepreneurship. She values the work culture at LED House where everyone communicates freely regardless of position. Triin also appreciates greatly that people come to the company not for specific job roles but because their personalities align, forming an ideal team. And perhaps also for colleague Carinee's pastry, which can brighten even the dullest of hearts.

If going to a deserted island, the most important thing for Triin would be her phone to call her children. She would also bring along her existing superpower – multitasking, which makes navigating complex situations much easier!

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