LED House OÜ mission, vision and values

Let's get to know us better and read more about our mission, vision, and values. :)

The mission of LED House OÜ is to value every customer by providing them with the best lighting solutions at a reasonable price.

Our vision at LED House OÜ is to offer comprehensive and friendly customer service. We believe that customer satisfaction is the foundation of our success, so we approach each customer personally and take into account their individual desires and needs.

Our team is highly flexible and results-oriented. We are ready to adapt to different situations to ensure the best possible service in every circumstance. Our professional knowledge and skills enable us to provide expert advice and find the best solutions to meet our customers' needs.

In addition to high-quality service, we also value relationships with our customers. We appreciate the relationships we have built and those we will create because we know that satisfied customers will spread positive word-of-mouth and help us reach new clients. Every customer is special to us, and we are committed to building trustworthy and long-lasting partnerships.

The LED House team also enjoys a good laugh and each other's company. Our team is closely connected and supports one another, which is reflected in our approach to work. We want our customers to feel comfortable and enjoy the entire process from the first meeting. We take pride in the unity and good sense of humor of our team because it is also reflected in the quality of our service.


  • Independence
  • Freedom and choice
  • Self-realization
  • Collaboration/support
  • Creativity/creation
  • Self-development/growth
  • Responsibility/reliability