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State-of-the-art LED strip!

What makes constant voltage LED strips special?

These LED strips regulate the current of LED diodes to remain constant regardless of fluctuations in the power supply voltage. This means that the LED strip always provides uniform current, ensuring consistent illumination along the entire length of the strip.

In addition, constant voltage (CC) LED strips can be connected for longer lengths than regular LED strips. For example, with 4.8w/m, it's possible to connect up to 30m from one power source, but for more powerful LEDs, the length decreases. For 14.4w/m LED strip, the length is already 10m.

This LED-light with IP20 protection class is an ideal choice for home or office environments.

The specified price is per 1 meter of strip.

The total length on the roll is 20-50m, which can be cut according to your needs.

If you couldn't find a suitable option from our product range, feel free to send an inquiry!

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Technical data

  • Correlated colour temperature cold white 6000K
  • Luminous flux 1626lumens
  • Luminaire’s efficiency lm79 113lm/W
  • Warranty 5 years
  • Source of light SANAN LED
  • Led chip SMD2835
  • Brand REVAL BULB
  • Supply voltage 24V
  • Output 14.4W
  • Lens angle 120°
  • Cri 90
  • Sdcm - macadam ellipses 3
  • Protection class IP20
  • Lifespan 50000h
  • Llmf tm21 L70 @25°C 50.000h
  • Length 1000.0mm
  • Width 10.0mm
  • Height 1.4mm
  • Minimum length 50.0mm
  • Work environment indoor use
  • Operation temperature -30 - +45°C
  • Certificates CE,RoHS
  • Eprel 1250170
  • Energy class

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