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Tier-1 manufacturer: Product is manufactured to high standards (to last longer and produce more solar energy).
Solar panel made with HJT technology modules.
HALF-CUT distributed solar panel ensures higher productivity in case of shading (snow, soiling, physical shadow) compared to a traditional panel.
BIFACIAL - two-sided operation, receives sunlight from the backside of the panel as well.
More information in the Product specification.
30-year performance warranty (i.e. at least 92.5% performance retention after 30 years compared to initial performance).

What is a bifacial solar panel and how does it work?

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Technical data

  • Warranty 12 years
  • Brand AKCOME
  • Output voltage 53.35V
  • Output 460W
  • Protection class IP68
  • Length 2094.0mm
  • Width 1038.0mm
  • Height 30.0mm
  • Panel area 2.2m2
  • Specific power 211.6W/m2
  • Weight 27000g
  • Casing colour black
  • Casing material aluminum
  • Work environment outdoor use
  • Operation temperature -40C- +85°C
  • Certificates CE, IEC standard IEC 61215 / IEC 61730 / ISO 9001: 2015

Solar panel calculator. Sale with installation

Quickly calculate the cost of your solar park based on the main switch of the building.
Maximum output power of the inverter(s).
9000 W
Total production capacity of solar panels
11040 W
Total cost of solar panels
Minimum free space for panel installation
55 m2
Without installation accessories
Cost of solar panel installation
Transport cost to installation site
Total cost without VAT
VAT 22%

Total cost of solar park

Annual average productivity: 5760 kWh
The given price with selected products is the basis for ordering work. The calculation of the price of electrical work is based on the assumption that the main switchboard is located in the same building where the installation of solar panels takes place. All changes and special requests are always feasible and negotiable. We help to solve all issues related to electrical work. For any questions, contact us or call 56 65 12 12
The price quote does not include load-bearing calculations. The installation of solar panels creates an additional load of approximately 15kg per 1m².
Submit a connection application immediately on the Elektrilevi website, as there is a waiting period.

Warranties: Solar panels 12 years.
Microinverters: 12 years.
Electrical work and installation of microinverters: 5 years.

See also: Installed solar panels.
When using microinverters, it is not possible to perform DC measurements and an electrical installation audit is not required.
See also: What is a microinverter and why choose them?

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