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50 control channels only suitable for matching LED effects
4 LED parcans can be controlled individually
Select color mode for choosing single colors
Internal programs
Auto mode for running all programs
Sound-control via built-in microphone or RCA input
Pause function
Blackout function
LCD and control LEDs display current operating mode
Program select fader for selecting the internal programs
Speed fader for adjusting the program speed
Strobe-effect with adjustable speed
Additional fogger button for direct control of a DMX smoke machine (CH-49/50)
Designed for standing operation, optional installation is customer's choice
Power supply via enclosed power unit

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Hind koos KM 22%
Järelmaks kuni 60 kuud või
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Tarne alates €8,54 uuri lähemalt

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  • Garantii 2 aastat
  • Toitepinge 230V

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